Following up to my first book, Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard, Hiding Behind the Keyboard goes further  into detail of uncovering covert and anonymous communications.  Where the first book describes methods of placing a suspect behind a keyboard, this book describes how to uncover and decipher anonymous communications of criminal suspects. The Dark Net, Tor, anti/counter-forensics, and much more is being researched and written to be published early 2016.

    Detective John Bair is the co-author. John is considered one of the most respected experts in mobile forensics and is an amazing asset to join in writing this book. Much like Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard is a needed shelf reference, this book covers the types of cases that may be overwhelmingly difficult, but not impossible, and should be on your reference shelf.

Hiding Behind the Keyboard was nominated for the 2017 4Cast awards:  Best Digital Forensic Book of the Year, 2016